The agreement marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s journey towards enhancing participation growth, talent development, support services, and operational sustainability.

We are delighted to be supporting BaseballSoftballUK (BSUK), the British Baseball Federation, and the world-class performance programmes for baseball and softball in the UK. Our Platform will play a crucial role in the organisation’s efforts to increase participation, promote inclusivity, improve playing experiences, and drive elite performance.

The adoption of the Sport:80 Platform signifies their strategic investment in the future of baseball and softball, ensuring the sports are stronger, safer, more sustainable, and growing.

This partnership is reflective of BSUK’s wider commitment to investment in baseball and softball. Recently, the organisation has committed £85,000 towards enhancing local grassroots clubs and leagues, and collaborated with Major League Baseball (MLB) on the 'MLB London Series Legacy Programme. The programme brought the sport to more than 330 schools and 14,000 students, and was capped off with the First Pitch Festival in East London, where 900 children enjoyed a fantastic day of play with Baseball legends Jake Arrieta and David Eckstein.

"The decision to partner with us is reflective of the organisations' forward-thinking approach to advancing the development of their sports," said Jonny Turner, our Chief Operating Officer.

"The passion and ambition they consistently demonstrate for their community is commendable, and it is extremely exciting for us to be able to support their mission to cultivate a vibrant and thriving community of players and enthusiasts.

“We are very much looking forward to providing them with the technology solutions they need to achieve their goals."

With the Sport:80 Platform, the organisations will gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities tailored to the specific needs of the sports. With features for membership management, event organisation, governance and compliance, and much more, the Platform will be a powerful tool to drive sustainable growth in the UK.

Erica Barrett, Head of Operations at BaseballSoftballUK, expressed her delight at the announcement of the agreement: "Partnering with Sport:80 is a significant step forward as we continue to invest in tools to help our sports develop.

"This collaboration underscores our commitment to excellence, innovation and most of all, safety. By leveraging the functionalities available within the Sport:80 Platform, we are extremely confident in our ability to drive operational efficiency, enhance member experiences, safeguard the sports, and achieve our collective strategic objectives.”

Chris Deacon, President of the British Baseball Federation, added: “The BBF has enhanced its participant registration through the adoption of the Sport:80 Platform, alongside BSUK.

"Providing effective, timely support through a dedicated platform to improve and grow our sport will be instrumental to achieving our future goals, by allowing BSUK staff and our volunteers to focus less on time-consuming administration and more on delivery of key objectives.”

If you have any questions about the agreement, feel free to get in touch, or book a free demo to find out more about how the Sport:80 Platform can support your organisation.