We are supporting the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) with a new membership management system that will contribute to the ongoing growth of the martial art.

AUSKF is now the ninth combat sport or martial art governing body to join the Sport:80 Community, following in the footsteps of the likes of USA Taekwondo, US Karate, and Welsh Boxing.

The Sport:80 Platform will streamline their operations, reduce admin time for both their members and their staff, enhance member engagement, and provide several more benefits to their participants.

"We are thrilled to be working with AUSKF and to support their digital transformation," said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“With our cutting-edge product suite, we will provide AUSKF with a range of tools and solutions that will enable them to achieve their strategic goals, grow their martial art, and enhance their members' experience.

“By leveraging the power of technology, they will be able to streamline operations, reduce admin time, and optimise decision-making processes. We are excited to support their ongoing digital initiatives, working closely with their team to ensure their community benefits from innovative online services.”

According to Jarrod Hatakeyama, Board Member at the All United States Kendo Federation: “Sport:80 have developed an industry-leading membership management solution and we are incredibly excited to enhance the experience of our members by leveraging the power of their tech.

“We are confident that through this partnership we will be able to invest more resources into the development and growth of Kendo, and focus on our strategic priorities to drive growth within our community.

“We look forward to working closely with their team and using their expertise to deliver real value to our members, while stimulating the growth of the martial art which we are so passionate about.”

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