We are incredibly proud to have updated our integration with the US Center for SafeSport’s learning management system (LMS) to make new additional certifications available.

The update is a one-of-a-kind solution, and includes a pool of new courses which are available to all adults involved in youth sport, and are bolt-ons to the mandatory training which is required of any adult who has access to minors through their chosen sport.

However, perhaps a more notable addition is the new certifications available for youth athletes to take themselves.

This addition is in acknowledgement of the process our clients go through when recruiting the next generation of coaches and officials with a view to them progressing in those areas once they become adults. A lot, if not all of our NGBs will require a current Safesport Training Certificate as a prerequisite for a coach certification or license being ‘current’. The new courses have now extended the NGBs' capability to ensure compliance across their youth membership as well as adults.

The new training modules available to be taken from within the Sport:80 Platform (via our integration with the Safesport LMS) will build another bridge to support compliance at all levels of the sporting ecosystem, and will contribute to the continued up-skilling of the fantastic and passionate community of young coaches and officials throughout the USA.

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to launch this update, as we know what a fantastic effect it can have for so many of the organisations we work with,” said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“Our partners are always looking to provide a constantly evolving training and certification programme to their members, and for us to be able to support them in that journey, and make courses like these more accessible is a significant step forward.

“Supporting the progressive approach the U.S. has to ensuring a safer environment for sport is a significant part of our mission, and something we have been passionate about since our Company’s inception. We will continue working closely with all of the key stakeholders in the U.S; NGBs, the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee and the US Center for Safesport, to ensure that we continue to leverage the power of technology to support compliance, governance and ultimately the creation of a better educated and safer environment to compete and participate in.

“This addition to our integration is a significant step towards meeting the goals I have already mentioned, and something we’re super proud to have released as part of our 2022 roadmap."

In addition, and as part of Sport:80’s on-going mission to provide better tools to support governance and compliance, we will be bringing all of our NGBs together at the up-coming Teams 22 conference in Oklahoma City. For more information on the session we will be delivering, please do not hesitate to reach out or use the link below to get in touch.

To learn more about what we do here at Sport:80 and how we can benefit your organisation, just get in touch.