The sports industry is highly competitive and having a convenient, online payment system is more important than ever.

Sports management software is known for offering an “all-in-one” solution, providing functionalities such as membership and event registration, management of certifications and automated email communications, and easily accessible reporting. However, sport management software can also provide efficient online payment systems for members.

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Why is it important to have user-friendly, convenient sport membership payment software?

It provides a more efficient way for members to pay online, avoiding complex processes

Online sport payment software provides a more efficient and convenient way for members to pay online, and helps to prevent any time-consuming processes, improving user experience.

Additionally, members are able to manage their own profiles and make payments for a variety of items, taking the burden off NGBs and sports organizations. Your members are also able to easily track their payment history, providing an easily accessible way to view previous purchases.

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Auto-renewal payments don’t require members to take any action, allowing them to spend more time on training and improving their performance

Sport membership payment software such as that offered by Sport:80 provides auto-renewal payments which can be setup and managed by members. This ultimately means your members don’t have to worry about renewing their membership every year. Auto-renewal payments can also mean you don’t have to spend time chasing members about missing payments, reducing member churn and providing you with more time to concentrate on projects that drive value throughout your organization.

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Your NGB or organization can also utilize the payment functionality to sell items on a recurring payment. Recurring payments can be applied to subscription-style products, providing a modern-day, competitive approach to selling memberships and other items.

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Stringent security features such as Face ID

When using Apple or Google Pay, members are able to approve payments through biometric identification such as Face and Touch ID, which is a more secure option than simply submitting card details. This also makes the payment process more streamlined, improving user experience and reducing the risk of drop-off at the point of checkout.

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High-quality sports software companies adhere to necessary compliance standards

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and data security are the most important features of digital payment systems. At Sport:80, we offer PCI compliance, a card security standard which is adhered to through the Platform’s integration with Stripe. PCI compliance refers to a set of 12 security standards that businesses must meet when accepting, transmitting, processing, and storing credit card information. No card details are stored in our technology, further improving our security measures.

Sport:80 is also ISO 27001 certified, an internationally recognised information security standard. This demonstrates our strong commitment to information security management, and we are proud to adhere to globally recognized standards. Find out more about what Sport:80 can offer here.

Members have a variety of payment options, and our Stripe integration will clearly display all compatible payment methods

Stripe integration will ensure members are provided with a clear view of compatible payment methods available, improving speed and convenience.

Payments via direct debit and ACH will soon be available alongside instalment payments through Klarna and Clearpay.

Paperless payment software allows NGBs/organizations to quickly issue refunds

With a paperless, well organized refund system, the whole process becomes more efficient and easier to handle. This allows you to use your time and energy on other more important things, such as projects that drive value throughout your organization. Find out more about the features of the Sport:80 Platform here.

Mobile-first design and cloud-based software improves accessibility

A mobile-first design and cloud-based software improves user experience and ensures the Platform is easily accessible from a range of devices. Participants in sport now expect easy-to-use, responsive technology, and using cloud-based payment software ensures customer satisfaction. Cloud-based software also provides much more flexibility than traditional point-of-sale technology, giving you useful access to data and sales reports.

Why choose Sport:80?

At Sport:80, we will not only help your organization become more efficient, but we will help you to prosper and ensure your members are more engaged.

From your initial consultation to providing on-going support and audits – you will also be provided with expert guidance throughout. When you work with Sport:80, you will be assigned a main point of contact who will proactively work with you to discuss changes to your Platform and plan future phases of functionality.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you select the best sports club management software for your business?

You should consider factors such as your budget, whether the software is easy to use, and whether you will be provided with a customized plan. The best kind of sports management systems include functionalities such as simple online registration, effective tools for communication and management across the organization, and a complete database of members that is easy to filter and update. To go that extra mile, you can also choose a company such as the Sport:80, who offer a bespoke plan for your sports club.

What is club membership management software?

Club membership management software can help you to manage your sports club through streamlined processes, preventing the need for repetitive, time-consuming tasks. It also provides tools to improve communication across a sports club and improve engagement. Find out more about how sport management software can benefit sports clubs here.

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