Find out more about the membership and data management tools that are often included in sport management software.

Sport management software provides a convenient way to utilize important membership data, improving business intelligence. But, what types of membership and data analysis features should you look for when it comes to sport management software?

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The importance of analyzing sports data and how this can increase business intelligence

Business intelligence helps to boost productivity and support effective decision making in any sport. By analyzing factors such as membership demographics, participation figures and and fan engagement – you are provided with a clearer understanding of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. This information can utilized when analyzing which areas of your sport require growth and which areas bring in the most revenue.

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How can sport management software lead to member growth and retention?

Sport management software not only improves aspects such as communication across your sport, but it can also provide you with the tools necessary for growing your NGB or sports organization. For example – having insight into important membership data allows you to create an ideal customer profile and gain a better understanding of your members. You are therefore provided with a better understanding of who you need to target when reaching out to potential new members, allowing you to make smarter business decisions. This information also helps you to provide an improved user experience for your current sport members – as you have a better understanding of your members’ interests, helping to improve member retention.

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What membership and data management tools are offered by Sport:80, and how can they benefit you?

Financial data analysis and the ability to view year-on-year financial data

By analyzing financial data from any device and location, you are able to clearly track your organization’s financial growth and compare this to a previous period. Additionally, you can easily and quickly identify which areas are bringing in the most revenue, helping you to make more informed decisions in the future.

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Athlete management tools, such as insight into participation history

Athlete membership management tools can make it much easier for NGBs and sports organizations to update athlete information. These tools can include the ability to quickly see participation, the ability to update an athlete’s details and have access to reporting tools.

Through software such as the Sport:80 Platform, sports organizations have the ability to see information which can help to make an athlete’s experience more engaging. For example, you are able to view an athlete’s average spend, buying history and participation history. Sport:80 also offers the ability to track the success of emails, providing you with insight into email clicks, opens, and bounces. You can use this information to your advantage and ensure you are providing your members with engaging and successful emails.

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Gain quick access to membership reports

Sports membership software reports provide a convenient way of quickly viewing useful business aspects such as member demographics, habits, and participation, without the need for additional analytics tools. Having access to this information is vital for applying for funding, targeting areas for growing participation, and gaining a better understanding of member habits.

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Analyze event participation and success

Sport management software provides you with the ability to view event participation and success. For example, you can look at insight into which events are the most successful for your sport, and areas which have the least participation. Read how sport management software can help you to achieve membership growth here.

Analyzing important sports data such as event participation can also lead you to make more informed business decisions, as you have a better understanding of your average member spend, for example.

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Why choose the Sport:80 Platform?

At Sport:80, we not only provide you with a streamlined process for updating vital member information. We will work with you to configure a solution that supports your goal of increasing member engagement and participation in your sport. Our team are committed to improving the technological capabilities of NGBs & organizations across the globe and are passionate about helping our clients prosper.

Trusted by over 60 organizations in the sports industry, we seek to continuously improve the technological capabilities of NGBs across the globe. Find out more about the clients Sport:80 has helped here.

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