Sports membership software reports allow you to quickly see useful business aspects such as member demographics, habits and participation. Having easy access to important data can be vital in applying for funding, targeting areas for growing participation, and communicating more effectively with your members.

Ultimately, sport membership reports provide an efficient way to analyze and take advantage of business intelligence data.

Find out more about the benefits of sport membership reports and using sport management software.

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What are the benefits of accessing sport membership reports with sport management software?

You are able to visualize and analyze important membership data through analytics tools

Sport management software allows you to access easy-to-use, handy analytics tools to quickly visualize and analyze useful membership data. This can save considerable time compared to traditional resource heavy methods of data analysis. By booking a demo with a sports management software company, you will also be clearly shown how to use and utilize these tools.

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Sport membership reports allow you to gain insight into who is participating in your sport, such as ages and levels

Having a clearer understanding of who is participating in your sport allows you to make smarter business decisions. For example, you have a clear view of average member spend, demographics, habits and participation. Sport membership reports, therefore, provide you with a greater understanding of where to concentrate your efforts to become more efficient and grow the impact of your sport. For example, you can identify areas to implement initiatives and programmes that are designed to increase participation levels.

Having a better understanding of your members also allows you to communicate more effectively through events and marketing campaigns, leading to increased engagement and participation.

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Sport membership software allows you the ability to save reports for future use

Saving reports for future use ensures you have quick access to important information whenever you need it, allowing you to reflect on and easily compare year-on-year data. For example, you are able to quickly compare member participation and growth in membership with the previous period.

The advanced filter tool included in software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows you to segregate and report on all the data you’ve stored

Sport management software such as the Sport:80 Platform offer an advanced filter tool, allowing you to perform queries against your data and build reports. This provides an efficient way of finding the specific data you need without having to manually segregate information. Having an easy way to report on demographic data such as member activity is important for applying for funding, for example. Efficient reporting also saves your organization time, which can then be spent in other, more valuable areas.

You have the ability to view detailed member profiles in a centralized location, which is an efficient and convenient option

Sport management software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows you to quickly view member data in a centralized, easily accessible location. NGBs and organizations can also view data from any device and location, creating a convenient and efficient way of accessing useful data.

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You can plug in third-party data sources

Third-party data can also be pulled from various sources and can provide useful member insights. Using software such as the Sport:80’s data visualization tool, you are able to plug in third-party data sources, such as national statistics data, indices of deprivation, open source activity data, and more, providing you with transformational analytical capabilities in one centralized solution.

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How do you choose a sports management software company for your organization?

Consider whether the system is easy for both you and your members to learn, and what specialized features you may need. The best sports management software companies offer a bespoke plan to cater to your organization. At Sport:80, we ensure all of our clients are provided with a tailored solution to meet the specific requirements of their organization. We will provide continuous support, including ongoing customer service and audits.

You should also consider aspects such as whether your potential new membership management platform includes sophisticated reporting capabilities, and whether its payment system offers flexibility for your members.

Find out more about the features of the Sport:80 Platform here.

How can Sport:80 help?

At Sport:80, we are experts in identifying where processes can be streamlined and how technology can help your NGB or sports organization to prosper. Providing ongoing customer service and support, we will ensure you are provided with a bespoke solution that works for you.

Unlike many sport management software companies, we also offer technical support, including website audits and other additional support you may need.

We are trusted by over 60 organizations in the sports industry and are committed to improving the technological capabilities of NGBs across the globe. Find out more about the clients Sport:80 has helped here.

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