As an NGB or sports organization, finding ways to engage with communities and grow participation is integral. Sport management software not only improves member engagement and communication, it can also provide you with the tools necessary for growing your sport.

Find out how sports management software such as the Sport:80 Platform can help in achieving membership growth.

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  • How can Sport:80 help?

    Find out how Sport:80 can assist in helping sports organizations to achieve member growth.

How can sport management software allow you to grow your members?

NGBs can identify opportunities for growth

Through useful membership data, you are able to analyze areas of high or low participation to effectively grow your sport. Viewing membership data, event participation, and more, your NGB or organization is also provided with a greater understanding of your members’ interests, habits, behaviours, and more, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

You are provided with a better understanding of your ideal customer profile

Customer profiling is a method for businesses to use data and insights to create a single, accurate view of their ‘ideal customers’, which can provide invaluable information to lead key business decisions. Having a solid understanding of your ideal customer profile also allows you to position yourself more intelligently in the sports industry.

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Using our customer profiling feature, you are able to see useful insights such as highest paying members by region, gender, month, weekdays, or hours of the day. You can also see useful member data that allows you to find the average age of your members, as well as the age span across all members. Your NGB or organization can also see the geographical spread, member gender split, the average annual spend per member, and the average number of purchases annually per member.

Having fast insight into this data allows you to create an ideal customer profile for your NGB or organization. This helps you to identify who you need to target when finding new members, and can assist you in providing a personalized experience for your current members – as you have a better understanding of your average member and their needs.

Find out more about how communication features of sport management software can improve member engagement.

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Increased engagement with grassroots organizations

Grassroots sport provides a range of opportunities for people of all abilities and provides the foundation for a career at the elite level. It is vital for National Governing Bodies to engage with affiliated clubs and assist with them the successful running of their clubs in order to achieve growth and exposure.

Our innovative technology allows you to provide services to engage with your affiliated clubs more effectively. By giving clubs access to a suite of tools which help with the running of their sports club, this means they have more time to deliver grassroots activities rather than waste time on repetitive administration tasks. Focusing more on grassroots activities encourages growth and participation, and creates the opportunity to develop athletes and reach out to new potential members.

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NGBs and organizations can easily see their member growth year on year, allowing them to see when they need to rapidly increase member growth

Having the ability to easily see member growth year on year allows your organization to identify trends within your membership and start attracting new members. Having easy access to this data is also important, as it allows you to view it from anywhere, from any device. Your NGB or organization can also see the number of members you currently have, with important demographic information such as age, gender, race, location, and more.

Financial reporting is also often included in sports membership management software, so it is easy to see which areas of the sport are generating the most revenue.

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How can Sport:80 help?

Combining powerful CRM and sports business management functionality with a dedicated online member portal, the Sport:80 Platform is everything your sports organization needs. When you use the Sport:80 Platform, you can expect increased operational efficiency and revenue generation, richer member engagement, and rock-solid compliance. Sport:80 can also work with NGBs with them to help access initiatives and solutions that help improve their membership value proposition.

Find out how sport management software can manage data security and compliance.

Our team also provides you with support from day one, getting into the detail of how you work, and providing your organization or National Governing Body of sport with a tailored approach that works best for you.

Our clients include sports organizations such as USA Track & Field, USA Archery, SnowSport England, and British Ice Skating, as well as a wide range of other organizations and National Governing Bodies.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does sports management software cost?

This varies depending on the features offered and the level of support provided, so it is difficult to provide an average cost. To find out whether a sports management software company is worth investing in, we recommend booking a demo with them first to find out what they can offer.

What is sports team management software?

Sports team management software can provide sports teams with a safe, secure way of managing data and membership profiles, as well as helping to improve communication and engagement within a team. It can also help to improve fan engagement.

How is CRM used in sports?

Sport management software combines powerful CRM functionality and sports business management functionality, with a convenient online members portal. This makes it easier to manage your organization more efficiently.

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