Membership retention is key, and is just as important as attracting new members. However, it is certainly one of the greatest challenges for most sports membership organizations.

A recent study on gym member retention found that even a small 5% increase in membership retention can result in between a 25% and 95% increase in profits.

Find out how sport management software can help improve member retainment for NGBs and sports organizations.

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  • Emails and marketing tools

    Find out how communication features such as automated renewal reminders can help to improve user experience.

Members can choose to pay using auto-renewal payment functionality, creating a convenient streamlined process

With the sports industry becoming increasingly competitive, organizations can no longer afford to be weighed down by payments systems and administrative tasks that are too complex or overly manual. In order to retain members, simplifying how memberships are purchased can go a long way when it comes to keeping your members happy.

Auto-renewal payments offered by the Sport:80 Platform mean that the system will automatically renew the membership and collect payment without the member needing to do anything. Auto-renewal payments and payments by Apple and Google Pay streamlines the process, as members don’t have to enter card information. Use of Face ID, Touch ID and passcodes also make it more secure than using physical cards.

These tools can improve user experience and can make the online payment process less of a hassle, helping you to retain valuable members and reduce membership churn year-on-year. Automated payment processes can also allow NGBS to spend less time on repetitive admin and focus on improving members’ experiences.

Find out more about how the Sport:80 Platform can help to streamline your processes here.

Your NGB can benefit from smoother communication through emails and marketing tools

Good communication is integral to successful sports organizations, sports clubs, and teams. Effective communication between a sports organization and its members can create clearer processes and more efficient interactions. For example, using communication tools such as automated membership payment reminders can help to create more consistent revenue streams, and prevent organizations from dealing with the annual stress of chasing their members for renewals and membership fees. Additionally, emails that provide members with crucial information about relevant sport events and news can ensure your members feel engaged, and are updated with any changes in your organization.

The Sport:80 Platform automatically distributes a variety of emails, as set by you, including membership confirmations and renewal reminders.

Find out more about our sports marketing and communication features here.

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Members are provided with a bespoke experience to improve member engagement and satisfaction

Solutions such as the Sport:80 Platform offer email marketing tools which allow you to design and carefully target marketing emails. This allows you to analyze their effectiveness and ensures you are providing members with information and content that will be useful for them.

Having an understanding of email effectiveness can provide you with a better understanding of your sports team members and their habits, allowing you to communicate with your users in the most appropriate and effective ways. For example, this could be through marketing campaigns that utilize personalized content. This allows NGBs to deliver messaging that makes members feel more appreciated and they enjoy a more personalized experience. Recent studies have focused on analyzing individual psychosocial factors that are linked to sports practice and sporting performance, such as individual motivation, emotions, and beliefs (Fletcher and Wagstaff, 2009; Allal-Chérif and Bidan, 2017). With this research demonstrating how important it is for members to feel content and motivated in their sport, providing them with a personalized experience is extremely vital for member retention.

Find out how sport management software can benefit athletes here.

Members can easily access and update their own information through online sport management software, improving member experience

Allowing your members to have full control over their information and enabling them to easily update and change their own information allows for a better user experience. This provides a sense of control for your members, and a freedom to engage with your organization online at their convenience rather than having to deal with complex, time-consuming processes.

Cloud-based software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows members to view their results and progress online quickly and easily, so they have a better understanding of areas they need to improve on, and their individual strengths. Providing members with a visualization of how they’re performing can help them to feel more motivated and understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. This can then lead to members improving in performance and may therefore improve member retention.

Read the benefits of sport management software for sport club and team members.

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NGBs can see member participation and results

Having a centralized way to access member results, progress and participation can allow NGBs to easily see who is participating in particular events. This feature also provides you with a greater understanding of your members’ individual strengths, regardless of whether they are youth sports members or elite athletes. Having easy access to this data can help to ensure athletes are provided with enough attention and are given the correct training opportunities in order to improve.

Find out more about the features offered by Sport:80 here.

What makes Sport:80 stand out?

At Sport:80, we offer much more than simply membership management and tools for automating mundane tasks. In addition to delivering a secure, online solution for membership management and features such as sports event result reporting, we also provide excellent support and customer service from day one.

Additionally, we also deliver regular health checks, webinars, and workshops, as well as annual reviews and continuous customer support. You will also be able to access an expert knowledge base of FAQs, helpful articles and tutorial videos.

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We have picked up plenty of knowledge and experience of the challenges that face NGBs and sports organizations, and we are fully equipped to help you engage sports members and improve communication. For guidance on how our sport team and club management software can help you – contact us today.

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