Having access to important data provides insight to increase engagement, participation, and revenue. In the sports industry, it is vital that you are able to freely and easily extract, understand and utilize your data.

Storing and collecting data efficiently is important for any sports organization or NGB, as you can then use your time to focus on other important aspects of your sport. Working with a sports management software company can ensure you have a convenient and centralized way of storing and managing important data, such as player data or team performance data.

Here, we explain more about the importance of sports data management and the benefits of investing in a sports management software platform such as the Sport:80 Platform.

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How can cloud-based software make data management more efficient?

Time-consuming tasks are automated

An online, cloud-based sport management platform can automate any time-consuming, mundane tasks, such as payment processing so that you are able to reinvest your time, focus, and energy in more important aspects of your organization. Other time-consuming, repetitive tasks that can be automated include data input and distribution of emails. This allows your team to have more time to focus on projects that drive the growth of your sport, rather than spending too much time on sports administration tasks.

With the Sport:80 Platform, each function or ‘module’ can be configured to align with an NGB or sports organization’s way of working. This includes configuring functionality to complement the idiosyncrasies of a particular sport, as well as an organization’s internal processes and desired outputs. Logic, dependencies, and automation can also be built into each module, resulting in streamlined processes.

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Each member can efficiently maintain their own personal information

A key benefit of online membership databases, such as the Sport:80 Platform, is that since each member has their own login to the system, every member and coach maintains their own personal information. This means that if a member wants to update information such as coaching credentials, or update their membership, they can do so quickly and with ease. Sport membership database software also allows members to easily register for events.

You can understand member progress through convenient, preconfigured reports

Some software, including the Sport:80 Platform, offers the ability to understand member progress with greater accuracy through data reporting and visualization. This allows you to have the most detailed member profiles possible, and the ability to view all of this in one centralized location.

Preconfigured membership overview reports provide a fast and straightforward way to view all the statistics you need to know about who's participating in your sport. This allows you to have the most detailed member profiles possible, establishing a 360-degree view of all members, including athletes, coaches and fans. This feature provides useful insight into member habits and allows you to get a further understanding of who your members are.

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You can filter and update contacts easily

Sports management software will allow you to have access to a database of contacts that’s very easy to search, filter, and update. With the Sport:80 Platform, you can use the advanced filter tool to segregate and report on all the data you stored, including the ability to save reports for future use. The best way of ensuring you choose a database software that is easy to use and update is to ask for a demo beforehand.

Quickly view year-on-year growth and member activity

Using sports management software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows your organization to benefit from a membership portal that is configured to suit the needs of your members. Member information can then be utilized through data reporting and visualization functionality. This allows you to quickly establish data such as average spend, online activity, player performance, and more.

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Sport management software such as the Sport:80 Platform will allow professional sports clubs, sports team members, and NGBs to see important member and financial data, to measure year-on-year growth. This saves you the time of calculating your growth manually or investing in numerous potentially pricey analysis tools to view financial growth.

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What makes the Sport:80 Platform stand out?

When you choose the Sport:80 Platform, you can take advantage of our powerful data analysis and management tools. This includes reporting features that allow you to manage, segregate and analyze all of the data your sport organization collects. You can also use features such as sports data analytics tools to track the success of email campaigns including opens, clicks, bounces and a geo-location map – allowing you to improve athlete, coach and fan experience. From finance reports to membership data analysis tools – the Sport:80 Platform will provide you with a convenient way of accessing all data in your sport.

At Sport:80, we not only offer a safe and secure online solution for sports data management; we also provide support from day one and offer an excellent customer service team. When you work with Sport:80, you will be assigned a main point of contact who will proactively work with you to discuss changes to your Platform and plan future phases of functionality.

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