Cloud-based software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows you to capture, manage, analyze, and leverage the diverse information available through NGB membership and conveniently see this stored in one centralized location.

Sports management software companies allow you to manage a sports membership database, ensuring your members’ information is safe and secure. Additionally, some membership databases allow coaches, athletes, officials, and other affiliated bodies to sign in and manage their accounts.

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What is cloud-based membership database software?

There are several options for handling sports membership management. Cloud-based membership databases are popular due to the efficiency and convenience they provide members. The ability for members to access a suite of self-service functions through their own account can help to improve engagement and take administrative burdens away from staff. When membership is managed through a cloud-based platform, your team can access business-critical tools from any device remotely, wherever they are based. This includes the ability to track their progress, and manage and analyze data.

An online, cloud-based sport management platform also helps automate any time-consuming, mundane tasks, such as payment processing, so that you are able to reinvest your time, focus, and energy in more important aspects of your organizaton. Other time-consuming, repetitive tasks that can be automated include data input and distribution of emails. This allows your team to have more time to focus on projects that drive the growth of your sport.

Some types of software, such as the Sport:80 Platform, also offer the ability to understand member progress with greater accuracy through data reporting and visualization. This feature provides useful insight into member habits and allows you to get a further understanding of who your members are.

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How can your sports organization or National Governing Body of Sport benefit from a secure membership database software such as the Sport:80 Platform?

The Sport:80 Platform provides a configurable solution, which is designed to perfectly align with the needs of both your members and sport organization. Our membership database software makes it easier and more efficient to manage membership data, while helping to increase member engagement. Your members can access an online space from which they can make their affiliation within your sport at ease. You also have the operational tools required to manage and leverage memberships. Key advantages of using membership database software include:

Keep your members’ information secure and safe

With private information online in sports management software, one worry is the risk of a data breach. With secure online sport management software that provides high standards of data security, you can be sure that all your members’ information will be kept safe and secure.

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform has state-of-the-art authentication and encryption for access, so you can promote high standards of security throughout your organization and its extended network. The Sport:80 Platform enforces strict password creation standards and regular password resets to promote strong security standards. Our Platform also features the following:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Browser security
  • Access management
  • Activity audit logs.

Enjoy record keeping in a single place, increasing member satisfaction

Online membership databases centralise and store records related to tournaments, events, athletes, and more. This means both members and coaches can easily access user records efficiently, simplifying the way you manage data. With this centralized solution, you can maintain high data integrity standards while enjoying a more detailed and accurate picture of your membership.

Your members can access every aspect of their sporting profile from their account, as their information is consolidated into a single system. This can help significantly in boosting levels of customer satisfaction.

Each member has their own login to the system

A key benefit of online membership databases, such as Sport:80’s offering, is that since each member has their own login to the system, every member and coach maintain their own personal information. So, if a member needs to add or update information such as coaching credentials or update their membership, they can do so with ease. Sport membership database software also allows members to easily register for events. Ultimately, investing in membership management software allows you to have the most detailed member profiles possible, establishing a 360-view of all members. An individual's affiliation with their sport clubs, leagues, regions, and/or counties can also be effectively managed within the platform.

For youth members – parents can also manage multiple children and young people’s membership profiles with ease from one account, giving them access to results, event and competition bookings, qualifications, and more. These profiles can later be handed over to the sole management of a young person when they are old enough to manage their data themselves, so no historical member data is lost.

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Data collection and useful insights

Using sports management software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows your organization to benefit from a membership portal that is configured to suit the needs of your members and your organization.

Member information can then be utilized through data reporting and visualization functionality. This allows you to quickly establish data such as average spend, online activity, and more.

Find out more about Sport:80’s data collection feature here.

Manage payment more efficiently

Online membership databases allow you to take online payments in multiple ways with integrations from our tried and trusted partners. With the Sport:80 Platform, members can make one-off payments or sign up for auto-renewals to ensure continuity in membership. This feature means you don’t need to worry about team members not renewing or making payments on time, freeing up your time.

Payment via bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, and Clearpay are also available when you use solutions such as the Sport:80 Platform, offering members a range of options that they now expect from modern-day e-commerce. Our online payment functionality is also backed-up by operational tools which enable your organization to assign account codes to items, process refunds, calculate sales tax, produce reports for financial reconciliation, and more.

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What makes Sport:80 unique?

At Sport:80, we not only offer a safe and secure online solution for membership management; we also provide support from day one and offer an excellent customer service team. When you work with Sport:80, you will be assigned a main point of contact who will proactively work with you to discuss changes to your Platform and plan future phases of functionality.

In addition to this, we also provide high-quality training, such as frequent webinars and workshops. Our team also offers annual audits and technical support.

You can find out more about our range of features and technology support.

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