In this article, we analyse how National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can use online learning platforms to foster a compliant, consistent, and high-quality training environment for their members.

NGBs face significant challenges in standardising qualifications and certifications for their members. Ensuring that all members meet the required standards for coaching, officiating, volunteering, and more, is crucial for the integrity and development of their sport. However, the fragmentation of data across various digital platforms can make this process cumbersome and inefficient. 

We recently covered the range of benefits that a Learning Management System (LMS) can provide, but in this article we delve deeper into how these systems support NGBs to centralise programmes such as Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Continued Education Units (CEU), streamlining accreditation processes and ensuring compliance.

Fragmentation of data

One of the primary challenges NGBs encounter is the fragmentation of data related to qualifications and certifications. Members often complete their CPD/CEU hours across multiple platforms, systems, and formats. For example, a coach might attend a webinar on one platform, complete an online course on another, and participate in a workshop hosted by another provider. This disjointed approach makes it difficult for NGBs to track and verify the CPD/CEU hours completed by their members, leading to inefficiencies and potential non-compliance with accreditation requirements.

However, the impact of fragmented data extends beyond administrative headaches. It can also affect the credibility and consistency of the qualifications held by members. Without a centralised system, ensuring that all members meet the same standards becomes challenging, which can undermine the trust and integrity of the sport.

Leveraging an LMS for centralisation

By integrating all learning activities into a single platform, NGBs can streamline the process of recording and verifying CPD/CEU hours.

One of the key benefits of using an LMS is that it gives NGBs the ability to automate CPD/CEU tracking. Members can complete their training modules directly on the platform, which then automatically records and updates their progress. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors or discrepancies.

Additionally, some LMS' can be integrated with other solutions such as membership platforms. This kind of integration means that when a member completes a required course or achieves a certification, their profile within their NGB’s database is automatically updated, and the organisation is notified of the completed accreditation. For the NGB, this ensures that all member qualifications are seamlessly kept up-to-date, and are easily accessible and verifiable.

Game-changing solutions

The implementation of an LMS can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of an NGB’s accreditation processes. Standardising qualifications through a centralised system not only ensures compliance but also enhances the overall quality of training and education within their sport.

Integrated online learning platforms can streamline the entire accreditation process, from initial training to ongoing professional development. Members can access all their required courses and materials in one place, complete assessments, and receive certifications without needing to sign in to multiple platforms. This level of convenience can ultimately lead to much higher engagement and satisfaction among members.

Additionally, the ability to track and report on CPD/CEU activities in real-time provides NGBs with valuable insights into the training needs and progress of their members. This data can inform strategic decisions around training programs, resource allocation, and member support.

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Bolster your governance and compliance processes with etrainu and Sport:80

Learning Management Systems offer a comprehensive solution for NGBs to standardise qualifications and certifications. By centralising CPD/CEU tracking and management, sports organisations can overcome the challenges of fragmented data and ensure that all members meet the required standards.

etrainu’s platform has been specifically developed and tailored for the sports industry, and through an integration with the Sport:80 Platform, the two organisations are working together to streamline governance and compliance processes for NGBs.

Members of the organisations that work with both Sport:80 and etrainu can access both systems with one set of login credentials. Participants can easily view and complete necessary accreditations, and governing bodies can seamlessly report on their community and enforce mandatory training.

Embracing these digital solutions is essential for NGBs to foster a compliant, consistent, and high-quality training environment for their members.

Find out more about etrainu’s services, or to learn more about what we do here at Sport:80, feel free to get in touch!