We are extremely proud to be working with the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) to support the acceleration of their digital evolution.

IFAF are the latest international federation to join the Sport:80 Community, and we are incredibly excited to help them achieve their vision of driving American Football forward with our suite of innovative solutions.

We have been working together to design, configure and launch a host of new online member services delivered via a new cloud-based sports management Platform.

The roll-out of the solution includes a phased approach, starting with national federation membership, which will allow all of IFAF’s member nations to manage their affiliation with the International Federation, providing an exciting start-point for their digital transformation.

Andy Fuller, Managing Director at IFAF, described his anticipation ahead of launching the platform: “We are really pleased to be working with Sport:80 and are feeling immensely enthusiastic about the potential of their products to have a tangible and positive impact on the future of our sport.

“Our national federations will be able to deliver a variety of online services to athletes, coaches, officials, and more, as a result of our working together.

“Sport:80’s technology is helping us to improve operational efficiencies and automate some key processes, and I am confident that through across-the-board time-saving, we are going to be able to invest even more resources into the development and growth of American Football globally.”

Additional phases of IFAF’s roll-out plan have already been planned and scoped, and the continued upgrading of their Platform, and introduction of new features, for example event registration tools with roster management, will make this agreement an impactful one for years to come.

“At Sport:80 we get particularly excited about working with organisations who are clear in their strategic direction coupled with a strong commitment to investing in their sport. IFAF certainly tick these boxes which is why Andy and his team have been such a joy to work with,” said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“We are going to be working with them closely as we support the introduction of ongoing digital initiatives, and we are eager to help them hit their strategic targets with our extensive range of solutions.”

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