Discover how we are delivering results and rankings functionality for a variety of National Governing Bodies, and providing significant benefits to participants at all levels.

Our results and rankings solution automates event registration and sanctioning processes for sports organisations, empowering tournaments with efficient and accurate results collection, rankings calculation, and distribution.

Several NGBs, including British Fencing, USA Weightlifting, and Table Tennis England, have implemented the module, and are now benefitting from highly functional rankings tables which provide real-time results information to athletes, clubs, fans, and more. The module automates this process by capturing post-event results data, and seamlessly calculates rankings points based on schema set by the NGB. This allows sports organisations to say goodbye to resource-heavy manual processes and removes the need for outdated results calculations and tedious data entry.

The results and rankings module integrates seamlessly with the main Sport:80 Platform, which means you don’t have to log in to or switch between multiple websites or apps to access results and rankings information, making the process easier than ever.

What truly sets our solution apart is that is it is tailored to suit each NGB's approach to results capture and the rankings calculation. We understand that every sport is unique, so we work closely with each organisation to create a solution which aligns perfectly with their requirements. No more generic software.

This means that our results and rankings module is adaptable to any sport, and this cross-discipline adaptability ensures that NGBs across a diverse array of sports can benefit from our powerful tool.

With a proven track record of success, our results and rankings solution supports NGBs to streamline competitions, deliver accurate results, and provide a seamless experience for athletes, clubs, officials, and fans alike.

If you want to enquire about implementing our results and rankings solution, please get in touch, or book your free demo to see the Sport:80 Platform in action.