Using our custom-configured data visualisation dashboards, our partners are able to better understand their customers, and identify opportunities for growth.

Customer profiling is a method for businesses to use data and insights to create a single, accurate view of their ‘ideal customers’, which can provide invaluable information to lead key business decisions.

For National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs), this sort of insight can act as a vital tool for growth, and should be considered a keystone piece in every sports organisation’s digital strategy.

Taking this into consideration, we recently announced that we have worked alongside analytics specialists PanIntelligence to develop a data visualisation solution that transforms our partners' capacity for effective customer profiling.

Our data dashboards solution enables clients to take advantage of the wealth of membership and customer data they gather using the Sport:80 Platform.

They can easily and quickly access invaluable insights, including an overview of audience demographics, membership data, event participation, qualified coaches and officials, and more.

By accessing the Sport:80 customer profiling dashboards, our partners are able to set themselves up with extensive analytical capabilities that can transform the way that they interact with their members, develop the sports which they govern, and capitalise on significant opportunities for growth.

By gaining a greater understanding of their member's interests, habits, and behaviours, sports organisations can make more informed business decisions.

Examples of the insights that we are providing to our partners include:

  • Highest paying members by region, gender, month, weekday, hours of the day, etc
  • Member age span (including average age)
  • Member gender split
  • Member geographical spread
  • Average annual spend per member
  • Average number of purchases annually per member
  • Products most bought annually

This information opens up significant opportunities for our partners to better understand their members, and that can be invaluable in so many ways.

For example, finding out what makes their members tick and communicating with them in the most appropriate and effective ways.

This could be through events, national initiatives, or marketing campaigns, which can engage participants in their particular sports, increasing levels of member participation and satisfaction, as well as providing a boost to our partners' brand awareness.

They can also use their membership data to analyse areas of high or low participation to effectively target areas for growing their sport.

For example, the dashboards can utilise third party data sources such as information from the Office of National Statistics, or indices of deprivation, which can be extremely helpful when identifying growth opportunities. This also has the potential to open up new opportunities for funding, or to utilise budgets more efficiently.

The organisations that use our dashboards have access to analytical capabilities unlike ever before, and have benefitted greatly from saved time and resources, while still enjoying a noticeable boost to their capacity for targeted and effective growth strategies.

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