An integrated approach to technology empowers NGBs to overcome their challenges, allowing for increased efficiency, enhanced engagement and revenue generation.

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) often face significant challenges in their approach to technology adoption, specifically prioritising cohesive and integrated solutions. Typically, NGBs have procured disjointed technologies that fail to work harmoniously, resulting in fragmented systems, poor user experiences, operational inefficiencies, and missed opportunities to leverage data. To tackle these issues, NGBs must adopt a more focused and coordinated approach, embracing solutions that seamlessly collaborate and align with their long-term strategy and objectives.

In order to overcome these challenges, NGBs can benefit from adopting an integrated approach to incorporating new technology. By embracing innovation, NGBs can address the inefficiencies associated with ageing systems.

An integrated approach to adopting new technology is vital. It enables seamless data sharing, providing NGBs with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making. It streamlines the user experience, stimulating engagement through digital services, and supports operational efficiencies by automating processes and reducing manual intervention. Ultimately, by embracing integration, NGBs can harness technology to drive growth, enhance participant experiences, and achieve their goals effectively in an evolving digital landscape.

At Sport:80, we strongly believe in an integrated approach to technology, and have designed our solutions to work seamlessly with other complementary market-leading tech. By working us, organisations gain access to an innovative product-suite with a range of solutions for streamlining operations and stimulating growth, alongside a catalogue of integrations and partnerships which deliver enhanced services to their team and extended network.

Our flagship product, the Sport:80 Platform includes a range of features offering online member services and functionality for back office tasks, as well as a number of bolt-on solutions to add tangible value to your digital footprint. Additionally, as co-founders of the Sports Technology Alliance, our customers have the opportunity to enhance their technological capabilities with complimentary solutions developed by other industry leaders. This could include the transformative gamification and customer acquisition services produced by CherryHub, the innovative digital learning capabilities offered by etrainu, the groundbreaking volunteer management system Rosterfy, or any of the game-changing solutions accessible through this collective of market-leading technology companies.

An integrated approach to technology adoption can be the key to unlocking your organisation’s full potential. By partnering with Sport:80 and leveraging an integrated suite of powerful solutions, NGBs can revolutionise their operations and drive considerable growth. We offer an extensive range of features which are tailored to streamline back-office tasks and enhance the digital capabilities of sports organisations. Additionally, through our collaboration with the Sports Technology Alliance and a network of industry leaders, NGBs gain access to a wide range of complementary solutions that can further drive their success.

With Sport:80, NGBs can embrace an integrated approach that transforms their capabilities, enhances the experience of their members, and supports their continued growth in the evolving landscape of the sports industry.

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