With our data visualisation solution, our partners have transformed the way they track and report on representation in their sports.

The topics of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) have become absolutely vital in sport.

Organisations including Sport England, UK Sport, and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee have developed specific long-term DEI strategies, outlining how NGBs are essentially failing if not promoting diversity, equality and inclusion across their sports.

This is also reflected in their decision-making processes when it comes to allocating resources to support NGBs, as they look to achieve their mission of creating greater representation throughout the sports sector.

Being able to track and report on this kind of information accurately is an incredibly important, but often resource-heavy job for NGBs.

With this in mind, we wanted to ensure that our data visualisation solution, developed alongside PanIntelligence, was capable of supporting our partners to track their DEI targets and achieve their goals.

The Sport:80 DEI dashboard provides our partners with unparalleled insights into representation, transforming the ways in which our partners report on key demographics.

This saves NGBs an incredible amount of time and resource, allowing them to make more informed business decisions while creating and executing their DEI strategies.

Our COO, Jonny Turner, explained why the importance of this innovation, saying: “The DEI dashboards offer significant value to our customers for a number of reasons.

“First and foremost, they are able to extract numbers quickly, specific to reporting requirements from funding partners. Secondly we're able to track the organisational performance in real-time, with benchmarking possible.

“As we progress in 2023, we will be aiming to increase the capability of these in line with advice from NGB funding partners and the NGBs that are using them.”

NGBs are often required to track and report on data related to gender, ethnicity, disability status, veteran status, and more, at all levels of their respective sports.

This data is often tracked across boards, committees and other decision makers, but more commonly, NGBs are looking closer at representation across their membership.

Our DEI dashboards break down all of these areas, including year-on-year comparisons with historic information. We are even introducing benchmarking capabilities to allow our partners to compare themselves up against the standards set elsewhere.

Our dashboards can even utilise third party data sources such as information from the Office of National Statistics, or Index of Multiple Deprivation, and we're looking at other sources to provide further capabilities to better understand audiences, particularly when it comes to DEI, and LGBQT+ data.

This will help NGBs with procurement for locations to host tournaments, activate sponsorship and build their customer bases.

To see the Sport:80 Platform in action and learn how our data dashboards can benefit you, book a demo!