We're looking to recruit a passionate team player who can support us in leading new customers through the process of transition from their legacy solutions onto the Sport:80 Platform.

Role Description

As a dedicated member of our Implementation Team, you'll be at the helm of projects for both our new and existing clients. Reporting to the Head of Implementation, you will collaborate with every area of the business, including:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Customer Success
  • Technical Development 

Each project is unique, and as an Implementation Team Member, you'll need to bring a flexible and open-minded approach to the table. That means not only thinking creatively about which tools, features, and options to offer but also finding innovative ways to meet our clients' diverse needs in terms of time, resources, and learning styles.

Sport:80’s product suite has grown organically over many years, making it crucial to immerse yourself in its functionality. You'll discover how solutions can be configured and identify where development work might be necessary, either to tailor to a specific client or introduce as enhancements for the entire client community.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Plan, execute, and manage concurrent client implementations
  • Documenting project requirements, decisions, and actions
  • Creating scope of work documentation
  • Address challenges with clients' existing systems
  • Explain configuration and customisation options
  • Calendar and meeting management
  • Manage internal and external priorities/tasks
  • Oversee solution configuration and testing environments
  • Support and educate clients during implementation
  • Creation of resources to support administrative and end-user processes
  • Presentations and explanations of project progress

This is a new role created to meet the needs of our ongoing business expansion. For that reason, the description and responsibilities will develop in line with the opportunities that arise. The role-holder will have a fantastic opportunity to identify where they can add the most value, and to contribute significantly to the overall growth of Sport:80.

Role Working Practices:

The role is a permanent, full-time position encompassing 40 hours per week.

The primary working location will be the Sport:80 offices in Sheffield.

Essential Skills, Attributes and Experience:

  • Project management skills
  • Excellent time management
  • Strong oral and written communicator
  • IT literacy (inc. Microsoft products)
  • Troubleshooting abilities
  • Delivery of multi-faceted projects
  • Positive client relationships
  • A proactive approach to work and personal development
  • Strong sense of accountability and intrinsic motivation
  • Desire to be part of a team which works closely together
  • Education to A-level standard (or equivalent)
  • Experience working in an office-based environment
  • 2+ years in a similar role

Desirable Skills, Attributes and Experience:

  • Education to degree level
  • Business acumen and financial understanding
  • A relevant qualification in Project Management
  • Experience using Atlassian software
  • An interest in sport & technology


How to apply

Simply send your CV and covering letter to [email protected] explaining why you would be a good fit for the role.



About Sport:80: Who are we?

At Sport:80 we love and understand sport. We participate, we compete, we coach and we watch sports on a daily basis. We’ve managed amateur teams, led professional sports clubs, delivered major sporting events and worked at governing bodies of sport.

We have combined this passion for sport with another passion of ours – technology. Every day we use our expertise and understanding of the power technology holds, and apply it to make a difference in the world of sport. We believe that by harnessing the transformative power of technology we can deliver solutions that support a sustainable future for sport.

Our business was founded and is run from one of the country’s greatest sporting cities – Sheffield. Home to the English Institute of Sport, the Crucible, the Olympic Legacy Park, the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre and many more world-class facilities, Sheffield plays a key role in our country’s sporting success. We are proud to be a part of this thriving community and to jostle for position with many other innovative businesses that populate a city famous around the world for its industry.

Although we now work with a community of sports organisations that spans the globe, we are proud to be ‘Made in Sheffield’. Our journey started here as an ambitious idea conceived by two people in a coffee shop and we are now considered as leaders in our field. Our growth has been driven by the desire to make a difference and to do so by challenging convention. We foresaw sport was at a crucial point in its evolution, and that it needed to adapt to meet the changing interests of participants, clubs, community groups and the organisations that govern it. But we knew sport needed a truly solid foundation for this evolution to take place.

This is why we created the Sport:80 Platform. We wanted to offer a new solution that reflected how we live life today and would enable sports organisations to overcome their collective challenges. But more than that, we wanted to create a technology that would enable sport to unlock the power and value of its communities.

Sport:80 was founded to help. To help sports organisations fulfil their potential. To help more people enjoy the benefits of sport. To help create a stronger future for the industry we are so passionate about.


Our Culture: What are we here to achieve?

At Sport:80 we have created a culture that ensures our business never strays from our values, our goals, or the high standards that we hold ourselves accountable to.

Our vision is to create a sustainable future for sport by harnessing the transformative power of technology. By designing, delivering and supporting innovative technologies which enable the growth of sport, we move closer to achieving this goal every day.

We focus our passion for sport and technology to meet the needs of our growing community of clients. We recognise their diversity and ensure that, whoever and wherever they are, they receive the best possible service. We constantly strive to find ways to help them grow; we put their needs first and we see their challenges as opportunities for solutions or positive change.

We don’t exist to make a quick buck. First and foremost, we are for the good of sport and we reinvest everything back into our technology for the operational and financial benefit of those using it. By doing what we do best, developing innovative technology solutions for sport, we are helping sport grow. But more than that, we are enabling sport to prosper; to become more efficient, engaging, and valuable.

We have built our company around our values and we are fortunate to have a team that lives and breathes them. Our people are perhaps our greatest asset; they are relentless in their pursuit of perfection, tackling challenges together and doing it with a smile on their faces. For anyone that knows or works with us, you will appreciate our welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. That’s not to say that just because we don’t wear a business suit every day, we’re not a highly driven and focused group of people.

As we strive to create a stronger future for sport, we must also grow. In doing so, we have a responsibility to our community. We must remain true to the values that see us put sport at the forefront of everything we do. Whether this is creating new products or entering new markets, this focus ensures we always meet our responsibilities. We must always challenge convention and innovate to help sport unlock the power and value of its communities.