The Sport:80 Platform allows coaches to effectively manage key credentials in the Platform, including coach licences, DBS checks, first aid qualifications, and any other relevant certifications.

Sport management software can provide a huge range of benefits for coaches. From allowing coaches to manage their compliance and qualifications to providing a centralized location for the management of athletes – sport management software supports coaches in exceeding their goals.

Find out more about the best sport management software for coaches, and what features to look for.

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What are the best sport management software features for coaches?

When choosing a sport management software company, the following features in particular can benefit sport coaches:

Software that provides coaches with the opportunity to progress and obtain relevant qualifications

Software such as the Sport:80 Platform provides coaches with the ability to obtain and manage important qualifications, register for coaching courses and access useful materials for progression. It is also important for coaches to be compliant with standards related to areas such as safeguarding and athlete safety, so investing in sport management software that provides this feature can ensure coaches are up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements.

Find out more about the features of the Sport:80 Platform here.

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Self-service functions that allow coaches to log in and update their information, such as new qualifications or certifications

An online membership database, such as the Sport:80 Platform, provides each coach with their own login to the system, allowing them to access their own progress and personal information. Choosing sport management software that offers this provides coaches with complete autonomy over their personal information and allows them to update it from any location.

Having the ability to access important data from any device also provides efficiency and convenience for sport coaches, providing them with more time to train athletes. As coaches will also often have different roles within clubs and teams, these roles can also be set up within the Platform. This provides a seamless way of managing members and controlling access for each role.

Software that provides the opportunity for coaches to market their services

Choosing software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows the ability for coaches to build up a CV within the Platform. When you choose software that offers this feature, coaches are able to gain exposure and attract potential customers while also enjoying the benefits that sport management software has to offer. Book a demo with us today to find out more.

Find out more about what the Sport:80 Platform can offer here.

Marketing and communication tools ensure coaches stay updated with sporting news and events

News and event updates can increase coach engagement and ensure they are aware of all future events and changes in the industry, allowing them to put the necessary training plans in place for athletes and prepare for upcoming competitions.

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Software such as the Sport:80 Platform also provides NGBs and sports organizations with the tools to analyze the habits of coaches in order to provide them with tailored marketing emails and content. For example, you can analyze the success of specific emails which can help to increase engagement and participation among coaches, ensuring they enjoy a tailored experience in your sport. When an NGB works with Sport:80, they can also customize user dashboards, ensuring important news, information, and advertisements are prom your coaches are provided with the event news and advertisements that will be beneficial to them.

Find out more about our marketing and communication tools here.

The ability to quickly view athlete data in one centralized location

Choosing software that allows coaches to quickly view athlete data and filter out specific athletes provides them with a convenient way of quickly getting the data they need. Software such as the Sport:80 Platform allows coaches to select numerous athletes at once, saving considerable time.

Having access to information such as athlete data and result data in one centralized location can allow coaches to spend more time training athletes and less time on finding the data they need.

Find out more about the features offered by the Sport:80 Platform here.

Why choose the Sport:80 Platform?

Sport:80 will not only provide your coaches with the tools and support they need to effectively train athletes, but we also support coaches in achieving qualifications and meeting necessary compliance requirements.

At Sport:80, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” plan for our clients. Your organization or NGB will be provided with a bespoke plan for your sport and continuous support to ensure you prosper. Find out more about our clients here.

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