Sport Management Platform

The Sport:80 Platform is a cloud-based management tool specifically designed for the sports industry

Manage your organisation from one platform

The Sport:80 Platform provides your organisation with the means to create a centralised database of information relating to your sport. 

The technology also integrates tools to manage key areas such as; membership registrations and renewals, member and club management, online event entry, competition management, communications, finance and reporting, among others.

How the Sport:80 Platform works...

The Platform simply sits behind your website, providing one point of entry for all individuals affiliated with your sport, whether they are staff, coaches, officials, athletes, volunteers etc. 

Each individual has a personal profile that is accessed using a unique username and password. Once logged in they are able to access certain content and functional areas depending on their affiliation with your organisation. 

A greater level of engagement

The Platform enables your organisation to deliver online services to your members, and allow them to build a digital profile within the sport. 

Individuals can manage their personal information, purchase and renew memberships, enter events, buy merchandise, book places on coaching courses, check results and rankings, the list goes on...

You can also provide access to regional organisations and clubs, giving them the ability to purchase affiliations, manage members and teams, organise events and access reporting and finance tools. 

Simplify the way you work

By centralising your operations in to a single system, the Sport:80 Platform can allow your team to spend more time on driving growth rather than time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Benefit from an invaluable database of information linked to your sport and tools which automate administration processes such as membership sign-ups, payments, financial tracking and event management among others. 

Ever-developing and intuitive

The Sport:80 Platform is built on cutting-edge technology and is constantly developing. Our talented in-house team of software developers work with our community of partners to improve the functionality of the Platform and develop new tools that enable them to work in more efficient and intelligent ways. 

We have purposefully built this flexibility in to our technology so it can be configured for all types and levels of sport. In doing so, we can simply customise the Platform to align with the requirements of a sport or organisation. 

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