In this article, we delve into the intricacies of member journey mapping - a strategic approach that empowers National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to visualise, analyse, and systematically enhance member experiences.

A crucial aspect of membership management involves understanding and optimising the member journey. This is key to delivering effective member engagement strategies, especially for NGBs.

It’s a dynamic process that involves tracking, analysing, and improving every step of each member's interaction with the organisation. From the initial introduction to deep-rooted loyalty, the member journey encompasses various touchpoints, channels, and experiences.

By uncovering key insights, and identifying any pain points along the journey, NGBs can craft tailored strategies that drive participation, foster engagement, and ultimately, build thriving sports communities.

What is the member journey?

The member journey is the ‘lifetime’ experience that members undergo with an organisation. Essentially, it encompasses every step of their engagement, from initially becoming aware of the sport or organisation, to becoming a loyal member and committed participant. At each stage of the journey, members form perceptions, make decisions, and engage with the organisation in various capacities.

For NGBs, understanding the membership journey is crucial as it provides insights into member behaviours, preferences, and pain points. By mapping out the journey, NGBs can identify key opportunities to enhance member experiences and drive participation.

What is member journey mapping?

Membership journey mapping is a strategic process that involves visualising and analysing the member journey from start to finish. It enables NGBs to gain a comprehensive understanding of member interactions, preferences, and pain points at each stage of the journey.

Through journey mapping, NGBs can identify critical touchpoints, moments of peak engagement, and areas for improvement. By visualising the member journey, NGBs can uncover insights that inform strategic decision-making, drive operational improvements, and enhance member satisfaction.

How to use membership journey mapping

Membership journey mapping involves a series of steps aimed at transforming insights into actionable strategies. It plays an important role in an organisations overall member engagement strategy - our ultimate guide to membership management for NGBs covers everything you need to know for a successful strategy.

Member journey mapping begins with collecting data and insights from member interactions, feedback, and behavioural analytics. NGBs can then create visual representations and diagrams of the journey, mapping out key touchpoints, channels, and interactions. Stakeholders from across the organisation collaborate to identify pain points, opportunities, and strategic priorities. 

By analysing member behaviours, attitudes, and needs, NGBs can develop targeted interventions and initiatives to optimise the member journey. Regular monitoring and evaluation ensure that strategies remain aligned with member expectations and organisational goals.

Devising a member journey strategy

A member journey strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how NGBs will deliver exceptional member experiences across every stage of the journey. It incorporates insights from journey mapping to inform strategic priorities, initiatives, and resource allocation.

A well-defined member journey strategy aligns organisational objectives with member needs, preferences, and expectations. It outlines key touchpoints, channels, and interactions that drive positive member experiences and support sustained engagement. 

By implementing a member journey strategy, NGBs can differentiate themselves, build member loyalty, and drive participation within their community.

What does an NGB’s member journey look like?

How to improve the member journey

Every NGB will have different criteria for improving their member journey, based on the findings from their journey mapping and strategising. However, there are also a few universal considerations and tips for creating positive member journeys.

Improving the member journey requires a strategic approach that addresses member needs, preferences, and pain points. It involves a series of targeted interventions aimed at enhancing member experiences and driving participation.

By leveraging insights from journey mapping and strategic planning, NGBs can identify opportunities for improvement and prioritise initiatives that deliver maximum impact.

Map out the member journey

This is the first step in understanding member interactions and experiences. It involves identifying key touchpoints, channels, and interactions that shape the member journey.

By visualising the member journey, NGBs can identify opportunities to enhance member experiences and drive participation.

Recognise member personas

Recognising member personas involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of the diverse segments within an NGB’s community. By creating detailed personas based on demographics and behavioural attributes, NGBs can tailor experiences to meet the unique needs and preferences of each segment.

Member personas serve as valuable tools for informing targeted campaigns and initiatives that resonate with specific audience segments.

Use member data

Using member data allows NGBs to gain insights into their participants’ behaviours, preferences, and engagement patterns. By analysing data from various sources, such as event participation information, data from CRM systems, and member surveys, NGBs can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement.

Leveraging data-driven insights enables NGBs to make more informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and drive targeted engagement efforts.

Review your resources

For NGBs, it is vital to review organisational resources that impact the delivery of quality member experiences. This includes not just financial resources, but also the ability to allocate adequate time and even staff numbers. All these areas affect an NGB’s capacity to deliver a range of initiatives, and a thorough evaluation of these resources allows NGBs to accurately assess processes, systems, and infrastructure.

By aligning resources with strategic priorities and member needs, NGBs can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, to optimise operational efficiency and deliver seamless experiences across every touchpoint.

Innovate and Improve

It is essential for an NGB to constantly seek out ways to innovate and enhance their services, in turn driving continuous enhancement of the member journey. NGBs should foster a culture of innovation that encourages experimentation, creativity, and continuous learning.

By embracing emerging technologies, best practices, and industry trends, NGBs can stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative solutions that meet evolving member needs and expectations. This involves soliciting feedback, monitoring performance metrics, and creating strategies that ensure continued relevance and efficiency.

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In conclusion, member journey mapping is a powerful process that NGBs can leverage to drive participation and enhance member experiences.

By understanding the intricacies of the member journey and implementing targeted strategies, NGBs can create compelling experiences that resonate with members and drive sustained engagement.

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