The Password You Entered is Vulnerable

If you are reading this, you have been notified that you need to create a new unique password for your account. The password you entered was flagged as being vulnerable as it has been involved in a known data breach (it is important to note that your account on our Platform has not been breached OR leaked in any way).  


We take online security very seriously and one of our many security protocols is to ensure that unsafe passwords aren’t used to access the Platform or any of our products/services. 


The password that you entered was automatically referenced with ‘Have I Been Pwned?’, a trusted online service that allows internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches globally. It is important to note that only the password you entered was flagged as being involved in a data breach. This does not necessarily mean any other personal information was involved in the breach; it may just be that your password is not unique. 


It’s incredibly important to create strong and secure passwords for all accounts you use on the internet, not just with our services. Below we’ve covered best practice when creating passwords for your online accounts which we also recommend you follow when creating your new password. 


1. Avoid the obvious  

Avoid basing your password around something that others might know about you. Avoid nicknames, initials, birthdays, the name of your street and so on.  


2. Make it unique 

Don’t reuse old passwords and make sure new passwords are unique as possible. Have a different unique password for each of your online accounts. 


3. Letters, numbers & symbols  

Using a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and special characters and/or symbols will make your password much more secure. 


4. Longer is stronger 

The longer you make your password the stronger and more secure it is likely to be. Make sure it is at least 12 characters long.  


5. Remembering your passwords  

Use a reputable password manager application to keep on top of your passwords. Many include useful password generators to create the most secure passwords.