We recognise the important role technology can play in supporting a successful return to play, and we are committed to helping you make the most of this opportunity.


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Enhance your membership proposition

We've teamed up with Wrkit to help you diversify the range of benefits you are able to offer members, adding significant value to your membership proposition. With Wrkit you will be able to create a branded member benefits portal which includes access to exclusive lifestyle savings, health and wellbeing content, and e-learning (as well as any of your own specific offerings). Access is facilitated by our Single Sign-On capability.

Considering changes to your memberships?

We recognise that you may be wanting to make changes to your memberships ahead of the return to play. If you are considering changes to include new membership types, prices or offers we can help. Please let us know as soon as possible by clicking below so we can plan these in for you in the coming weeks.

Take advantage of digital membership cards

Don't forget that you can set up digital membership cards that can be added to the wallet app on a smartphone. Digital membership cards enable a contactless method of verifying member details that should be useful once people start attending events and activities. They may also save on production costs and align with policies to reduce the risk of COVID transmission as membership materials are delivered digitally.



Make the most out of event sanctioning

We have started to implement plans with clients to take full advantage of the event sanctioning and registration functionality ahead of the return to play. This includes sanctioning all organised activities (including local level) through the Platform to enable the NGB to effectively track what events are happening and who is involved. This will enable the NGBs to react very quickly to any COVID-related incidents that may occur and also allow for efficient sharing of guidance to event organisers.


If you would like to discuss how this can work for your organisation please get in touch by clicking below. 


Online event registration coming into its own

The event registration module will be invaluable for the return to play, particularly if it's utilised alongside the event sanctioning tool which can give local organisers the benefit of online registration. It can digitise the entire registration process, remove the need for cash payments and paper systems, and facilitate check-in at venues (more info below).


Implement track & trace at your events

The Platform's event module has functions that will support you and your network in delivering events that factor in the necessary precautions. For example, track and trace can be implemented for your events. The event registration module collects the details of every entrant, and digital tickets include a QR code which can be scanned to check them in when they arrive at the venue. All entrant and check-in information is stored against the event in the Platform making it simple to track, plus the email function means organisers can very easily communicate with them.



Introducing the club management system

We have launched our new club management system that is fully integrated with the Sport:80 Platform. Designed to support grassroots sport, the club management system is a functional and intuitive solution that will enable your clubs to:

  • Create a website

  • Engage with members via an app

  • Deliver online membership registration

  • Create and deliver training programmes

  • Process online bookings for sessions, classes etc. 

  • Manage venues including member check-in


The club management system will enable your network of clubs to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the return to play. It will enable clubs to provide members with new online services to improve engagement and accessibility to grassroots activities. 


It also includes OpenActive capabilities which allows activity data to be published to national initiatives as well as venue check-in so they can effectively track and trace members using their facilities. Additionally, it presents the opportunity for Governing Bodies to communicate with the entire club and individual member network.

USA Weightlifting are the first Governing Body in the community to take advantage of this innovation. We are now engaged with a number of organisations who are interested in setting up the solution for their club network. If you would like to begin exploring how this solution would work for your organisation, please get in touch by clicking below.