The Amateur Motor Cycle Association partners with Sport:80 to launch the AMCA Hub

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This week the Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) announced the impending launch of the ‘AMCA Hub’; an online membership and events system built on our sport management technology. This is the first project of our recently formed partnership with the NGB and we are delighted that the past few months of working together are soon to come to a head with the launch of this innovative platform.

As the AMCA’s Technology Partner we have been quietly putting all the pieces together for the AMCA Hub which is due to go live in the coming months. The Hub will allow riders and clubs involved in off-road motorcycling to create an online profile within the system and access a variety of features that give greater control over their involvement in the sport. Riders will be able to purchase and renew their Rider Licences, manage their Racing Class, and apply for championship qualifiers, as well as register for the 100’s competitions that the AMCA sanctions every year. The launch of the AMCA Hub will also see riders be able to take advantage of new innovations such as digital rider licences that can be added to Apple or Android smartphones.

There will be a variety of features designed specifically for the 200 or so motorcycle clubs that affiliate to the AMCA. This will include tools for the administration and management of members, and event-related functionality that the AMCA hopes will increase participation in competitions across the country.

The AMCA is one of the oldest governing bodies of its kind in the world and has been supporting the growth of off-road motorcycling since 1932. The Governing Body caters for riders of all ages and abilities, and the launch of the AMCA Hub is the organisation’s latest initiative aimed at creating greater levels of engagement with all those involved in the sport.

We recently caught up with Suzanne Potts, General Manager at the Amateur Motor Cycle Association, and she believes the introduction of the AMCA Hub will mark a big step forward for the organisation:

“We’ve known for a while that we wanted to improve the online services provided to everyone participating in our sport, but it was a case of finding the right partner who could deliver what we had envisaged. We believe we have found that partner in Sport:80 who came to us with a great reputation and glowing references from peers in our industry. They have taken the time to get in to the detail of our organisation and how we can improve the online experience of our members. Now just a couple of months away from launching the AMCA HUB, we have been really impressed with what we have seen and I’ve no doubt that it’s going to be of huge benefit to riders, clubs and our organisation.”

For more information on the partnership and Sport:80 services please get in touch here.