Sport:80 Throwback - The European Archery Festival 2014

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

A little over a year ago we were celebrating the success of the European Archery Festival - an event conceived by the Sport:80 team as the penultimate stage of World Archery's 2013/14 Indoor World Cup Series.

The European Archery Festival was the first event of its kind to be held in the UK, and Europe's biggest archery tournament of the year. To this day it stands as Sport:80's marquee project and one we are incredibly proud of.

The opportunity to put on the event arose when one of the staple venues of the Indoor World Cup Series was unable to hold their stage. In an ambitious move, we approached World Archery with a proposal for the European Archery Festival. Needless to say they were impressed.

Our in-house team of experts took responsibility for the entirety of the event, utilising the market leading Sport:80 Platform in the background streamline processes. This included athlete, tournament and exhibition logistics, scheduling workforce, communications and everything else that comes with delivering a world-class competition.

The European Archery Festival brought together 1000 archers of ages and levels as well as more than 1,100 spectators per day. Alongside the competition was a trade show with 45 exhibitors and various seminars featuring archery's elite professionals. The whole event was also covered by Archery TV, who broadcast live coverage of the finals which were complete with entry music, strobe lighting and dry ice.

It was a resounding success and an event which set the bar for archery competitions held in the UK. We thoroughly enjoyed the European Archery Festival's maiden birth and hope to bring it back to the series again soon.

Would you like to see the European Archery Festival return? If so, leave a comment or get in touch...