Sport:80 partners with the Sport and Recreation Alliance

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

The Sport and Recreation Alliance Platform powered by Sport:80

Last month the Sport and Recreation Alliance launched its new online member platform, the Alliance Hub. The launch of the technology also marked the start of a new partnership between ourselves and the Alliance.

We are already a trusted partner to many governing bodies of sport and now hold the same status with the Sport and Recreation Alliance, having built the Alliance Hub on our innovative sport management platform. The partnership is the result of a shared vision and months of hard work from both sides, as Chantel Scherer, Director of Marketing, Communications and Member Engagement at the Alliance explains:

“We initially became aware of Sport:80 through our members that used their technology. When we first met with them, it was their ethos and mission to help national governing bodies of sport capitalise on the power of technology that really sold us on the idea of a partnership.

“Their technology aligns with an area where our members can make some significant gains, both operationally and commercially. We also knew it would help us provide a better service to our members so we decided to adopt it for ourselves. The Alliance Hub is already proving to be an essential part of our strategy.”

We describe our technology as a ‘super-charged CRM for sports organisations’ that enables national governing bodies, and other membership organisations, to manage their operations from a single system whilst delivering online services to their members. By adopting the technology, our partners have reported that they have become more operationally efficient and have been able to take advantage of new commercial opportunities. Many have also described benefitting from richer member engagement and having gained greater insight in to the footprint of their sport.

Sport:80 received the Northern Star award

As an award-winning sports technology company, we have a growing reputation in the sport sector, and more than 25 governing bodies of sport have chosen us as their technology partner. Our CEO, Gary Hargraves believes the partnership with the Sport and Recreation Alliance is a significant milestone which has affirmed why the company was established:

“We are thrilled to be working with the Sport and Recreation Alliance, and I would like to thank their team for their hard work over the past few months. Everyone at the Alliance has really bought in to the Hub and our company’s vision in particular. We established Sport:80 with a very clear vision as to how our technology can help national governing bodies overcome their immediate challenges as well as present significant opportunities that make sustainability achievable. With the backing of the Alliance we hope to have more conversations about our work and share our expertise with the wider sport sector community.”

If you would like to find out more about Sport:80 or this latest partnership, please get in touch by clicking here.