Sport:80 innovates at the World Archery Youth Championships

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This time two months ago we were arriving back on UK soil having rounded-off a standout project for the World Archery Youth Championships in Yankton, South Dakota.

It’s now a little over a year since we first met with representatives from the National Field Archery Association (NFAA), World Archery and USA Archery to discuss the project. They were looking for a means of registration which would streamline their processes and allow event organisers to devote more of their time to the delivery of the event.

So we made our way across the Atlantic and demonstrated how our sport management platform would help them achieve exactly that. They were sufficiently impressed and we set to work delivering a registration and event entry system which had never been seen in the sport before. In our role as Strategic Technology Partner we also developed and managed the event website – I think you’ll agree that it came out quite nicely.

Over the year long process our sport management platform automated the entire registration process – from the registration of athletes and officials to event entry, payments, accommodation, travel and visas. As the platform is cloud-based, it also eliminated the dependency on paper-based systems, provided anytime access to data and simplified event organisers involvement in the process. Needless to they were delighted with the results…

“We extensively researched the market in terms of our registration requirements and nothing offered what Sport:80 delivered. The functionality and flexibility of the platform, combined with Sport:80’s industry expertise makes what they are offering invaluable to organisations like ourselves.”

Jenni Bailey Edmunds, LOC Coordinator, World Archery Youth Championships

More than 500 young archers from 50 countries made their way to the Easton Yankton Archery Complex for the event and we joined them to lend a hand with on-day registration. We were also lucky enough to catch the opening ceremony and see the action get underway.

It was great to be there for the start of the event as plenty of hard work had been done behind the scenes, so it was a pleasure to see it all come together. Working alongside the NFAA, World Archery and USA Archery was a really positive experience as they are all forward-thinking organisations, always looking to improve the way they work. We are confident that we will have a strong relationship with them for many years to come.

In the last couple of months we have continued to build on the success of the World Archery Youth Championships. The project has stood testament to what we are doing at Sport:80 and as a result a number of other sports organisations have approached us about adopting our innovative services.

If your organisation is looking for a 21st century approach to sport management, events or logistics, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to talk to you.

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