Skateboard England joins the Sport:80 Community

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

The new membership platform is built on our sport management technology. Members of Skateboard England can use it to create an account, purchase or renew their membership, enter events and much more. It provides a unified place for all skaters, coaches and communities to engage with the Governing Body in an easily accessible way.

Last week you may have noticed that Skateboard England launched its new membership platform and website, a project that we have been working very closely on with the NGB.

Alongside the Membership Platform, we have also designed the NGB’s new website. With a clean and modern design, the Skateboard England website has a variety of features as well as providing access to governance, membership and coaching information.

We will be working closely with Skateboard England to continue developing the website and launching features such as the Skate Directory; an intuitive tool that helps website visitors find their nearest skate parks, schools and community groups. A similar feature will also be introduced for finding qualified skateboard coaches. Both the Skate Directory and coach finder will utilise live data from Skateboard England’s membership platform, so only accredited individuals and organisations will display.

Check out the Skateboard England website for yourself here.

Chief Executive of Skateboard England, James Hope-Gill, is excited about what this new partnership will mean for the NGB:

“The membership platform and website that Sport:80 has delivered is going to help us make great strides in the coming years. It will not only make our sport more accessible but also create really valuable online engagement that we can learn from to grow the organisation. The added-value we are also going to get from the operational tools within the Platform will significantly reduce the admin workload we have to manage. I’ve no doubt that our partnership with Sport:80 is going to be of huge benefit to Skateboard England, particularly as we gear up for the Olympic Games in 2020.”

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Skateboard England and believe that the new Platform and website will go a long way to support the NGB in preparing for its first Olympic Games. Next stop: Tokyo!