About Sport:80

At Sport:80 we have a unique combination of experienced sport industry professionals and highly talented software engineers

The people behind the technology

At Sport:80, our people are our biggest asset. Our team's first-hand experience of the challenges that the sports industry faces and their ability to develop technology solutions that tackle these issues head on, makes our organisation unique. 

Every day our team strive to deliver and support technology solutions that enable sports organisations to work in efficient, engaging and profitable ways. This determination now sees Sport:80 serve a growing community of sports organisations around the globe.

Our mission

We have a philanthropic attitude towards sport and we recognise the positive impact it maintains on people, communities and nations. This ethos runs deeply throughout our organisation and is the driving force behind our work. 

Put simply, our mission is to continually develop a cloud-based sport management platform for the benefit of the sports industry, be it an International Federation, National Governing Body, Club or Individual. 

We truly believe that our technology, the Sport:80 Platform, can unite the common interests of the sports industry and be the future of sport business management, marketing, sales and data collection. We are committed to continually developing our technology in order to fulfil this vision and ensure we are always ahead of the curve. 

In doing so, we will create significant opportunities for those who we work with, both in terms of operational efficiencies and economies. As a result, the organisations who govern sport worldwide can attribute significant resource to the development of sport and time to those who are passionate about it. 

How did we get here?

Our story started during the lead up to the London 2012 Games. Members of the Sport:80 management team were involved in the largest test event for the Games, the ISSF Shooting World Cup. They were tasked with providing event management services for the three week event which involved more than 2000 coaches, officials and athletes.

The project was a huge challenge, particularly delivering against the high expectations of both a major international event and one that was pivotal to the sport of shooting at the Games. Like many in the industry, we were looking for a means of automating background management and admin processes linked to our role so we could spend more time on delivery. We turned to technology for a solution, but quickly found that there was very little that lent itself to the idiosyncrasies of sport.

The answer… we’d build something ourselves.

Using our connections with leading software developers, we built a technology platform to complement the project. The end-result was a technology that automated processes for everything from invitations, entries, payments, accommodation and travel to visas, communications, accreditations and licences. The project was a huge success, largely due to the newly developed technology platform.

This spurred us to build on these principles and develop a cloud-based technology that would deliver an all-encompassing platform that would enable sports organisations to overcome the common challenges faced in the industry. Today that vision is a reality with the Sport:80 Platform.